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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Martins ... @ Anchor

Thursday 6 October 2011 from 8pm

The Anchor Hotel, John Martin Street, Haydon Bridge, NE47 6AB

Keith Armstrong

This was the John Martin Heritage Festival celebration for ‘National Poetry Day’ inspired by the life and work of John Martin and his brothers Jonathan and William in poetry, music and song.   It was presented by the north‘s leading living poet (and Martin scholar) Dr. Keith Armstrong, with ex Whiskey Priests singer/songwriter/guitarist Gary Miller and renowned Northumbrian piper Chris Ormston.  It was a wonderful and diverse entertainment with something to please everyone.

Those who ate at the Anchor before the event were very enthusiastic about the excellent, value for money, meals and friendly welcome received.  Well done Steve, Lindsay and staff.

Contact number for Anchor Hotel 01434 688121 for enquiries and meal bookings.

Our thanks to Gary Miller for posting his videos of the night which you can catch up on here:-

Keith Armstrong - (part 1) :Chris Ormston

Keith Armstrong - (part 2) :

Gary Miller 'Three Martins (Prophecy)'

Gary Miller 'In Dreamtime'

Chris Ormston - Northumbrian Pipes Set

Gary Miller 'The Pain and the Pain'The Whiskey Priests

Gary Miller 'Pandemonium'



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