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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Two Visits to the John Martin Exhibition 'Heaven and Hell'

Thursday 14th April 10am &

Saturday 7th May 10am

Baynes Bus

From Haydon Bridge Library 'The Bridge' Church Street 

The coaches took delegates to the Laing Gallery in Newcastle to see this fantastic presentation. 

There is no catalogue available for this exhibition until it arrives at London's Tate gallery later this year. This shortcoming was rectified specifically for our coach trip visitors by local historian and Martin enthusiast Dennis Telford who produced his own mini catalogue and guide to the exhibition.  This he kindly reproduced for all of our visitors and it greatly added to the value of the experience for us.  We are very grateful to Dennis for his expertise and efforts in providing this most valuable resource.

Thanks also to driver Derek of Baynes Tours for his cheerful disposition and precision timing in avoiding the heavy rain shower for the 7th May visitor's return.

Everyone was enthralled by the exhibition which allowed the visit to start from right outside the doors of the Laing as the photos show of some of the 23 members of the 7th May party.

Laing Visitors 1


Laing Visitors 2

and one from inside the gallery on the first visit on 14th April ((c) Haydon News 2011)


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