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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Industrial Archaeology Day with Robert Forsythe

Saturday 9 June 2012 10am-4pm

We are sorry that this event was cancelled as Robert was indisposed. 

The Garden Station, Langley on Tyne, and Langley Barony Lead Mines, ChesterwoodLangley Barony Lead Mines

Last year's Industrial Archaeology day saw Robert Forsythe lead an enthusiastic group around the smelt mill and associated works surrounding the Garden Station at Langley. This year it is planned to go further afield to visit the later Langley Barony Lead Mines on the north side of the Tyne Valley.

The day begins at the Garden Station, where Robert will talk on John Smeaton's work at Langley and his wider career and achievements before revisiting some nearby sites around the former smelt mill.

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the lunch opportunities at the Garden Station before travelling to the secluded Langley Barony Lead Mines, where permission has been granted to visit this fascinating site.

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