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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Photographic Workshop With David Taylor – Making Light Work

Friday 18 May 2012 2pm-6pm

Hadrian's Wall, Housesteads (National Trust)Hadrian's Wall by David Taylor

Following the festival's Series I workshop at Allen Banks, this was a chance for more experienced photographers to develop their artistic vision in another landscape which inspired Victorian artist John Martin. Once again David Taylor was the guide and mentor for the afternoon, who took participants through the photographic techniques he uses to capture the landscape in a unique and creative way.

The venue this time was Hadrian's Wall, where we hoped to make the most of the afternoon light on the dramatic crags of the Whin Sill to create images worthy of Martin's vision. The use of the Education Room on site (many thanks to the National Trust and English Heritage for this) was most welcome as the weather turned out to be very wet and windy.  Even in these conditions under David's guidance some good photographs were obtained.

You can see those along with the following day's Garden Station Workshop by

You can see more of David Taylor's work Here.

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