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Health Centre

Haydon Bridge & Allendale Medical Practice
Haydon Bridge Health Centre
North Bank, Haydon Bridge
Telephone 01434 684216/683280 (appointments)
Telephone 01434 688351 (dispensing or prescriptions)

Healthwatch Northumberland

the independent champion for people in Northumberland who use health and social care services.  Listening to your experiences of GPs, hospitals, dentists, mental health services, care homes and home care - any care service you may have used


Talking Matters Northumberland

Talking Matters Northumberland offers a free psychological treatment, support and recovery service for the people of Northumberland over the age of 16 for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health related problems. For details see


Hexham General Hospital
Corbridge Road, Hexham
Telephone 0344 8118111
NHS Hexham Information

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