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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Film Night - Avatar

Thursday 8 March 2012 7pm-10pm

Langley Castle, Haydon Bridge

AVATAR (2009) 162 minutes Written and directed by James Cameron an action, fantasy, science fiction and adventure film in 2-D with surround sound system (presentation facilities by The Haltwhistle Film Project) with Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi. Winner of 3 Oscars

As a boy John Martin played in the then ruins of Langley Castle and even had to be rescued when he became stuck up one of the disused chimneys! He went on to become one of the most innovative and visionary cutting edge artists of his time. His paintings created a shock and awe in their viewers. His works and visions went on to influence the film makers of both early and our contemporary eras.

‘Avatar’ has all of the imaginative Martinian and beyond derived features we could want. (e.g. waterfalls, floating mountains, boulders, valleys, fog, epic battle to preserve civilisation, a hero, lines of soldiers, ‘prehistoric’ animals, sfx, ....)

Barbara Morden says in her book ‘John Martin: Apocalypse Now!’; “ Perhaps the most conspicuous example of Martinian concepts and techniques realised for a new generation is James Cameron’s breakthrough film Avatar 2009. Released in traditional 2-D as well as Imax 3-D, the film is innovative in its use of film making technology, developing the art of 3-d viewing through the use of stereoscopic cameras that revive a technique we first saw in the glass painting days of Martin’s early professional life, the alteration of the viewer’s perceptions by means of coloured lenses’.  The visual effects are therefore enhanced so that tumbling boulders, firestorms, the dislocation of time and space directly threaten and overwhelm the perceptions and emotions of the audience.’

Avatar is the prime contemporary example of all this; if Martin was alive today this is what he would be producing.

The Heritage Festival is delighted to be able to bring this Martinian themed film back in a full circle, for a currently technologically aware audience in a 14th century location, to where the originator of such stunning and beyond imagination concepts once played.

Langley Castle Hotel Langley-On-Tyne, Haydon Bridge NE47 5LU

Tel:- 01434 688888



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