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Local Events

Claiming Diary

A village diary for notification of future events and bookings is available in 'The Bridge' library in Church Street during opening times.  Please use this to claim the event's dates and give your contact details.  This will ensure you will avoid conflicts with other village based activities. 

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The Haydon Hundred is a cyclo–sportif running in the South Tyne Valley and first held on Saturday 8th June 2013. Starting in Haydon Bridge, routes include a 100km main circuit with several unique features making it a “must-do” event for any serious cyclist. There is also a 60km route which is tough enough in its own right and an additional 140km route with 3000m of climbing!  The route has been improved to avoid some poorly maintained road surface areas.

The 10th Anniversary Haydon Hundred ran on 10th June 2023.

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Haydon Local Artists' Summer Exhibition

Postponed by C-19


Helen Brooks Tel:- 01434 688347

for further event details.                          

Haydon Bridge Festival was on Saturday 10 June 2023 http://nebula.wsimg.com/78101a5e6f9da007775d14819f3fa4bf?AccessKeyId=4637106257C72E5C98A3&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

at Low Hall Park Football Ground in Haydon Bridge

Great local live bands, real ales and a street food.

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Northumberland Calendar

Want to see all that is happening in Tynedale and greater Northumberland, then look at this website by clicking here

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Garden Openings

Red Cross Poppy

There are many wonderful gardens in & near our area and their owners kindly arrange special open days for the benefit of the British Red Cross and the National Gardens Scheme.

Follow the links to find and enjoy a quintessentially British day out and, possibly, even a cream tea!

Click here for Open Gardens | British Red Cross

Click for NGS openings

Forum Cinema HexhamForum Cinema Cafe and Gallery

You can catch up with the latest movies and live streaming of NT, Glyndebourne, ROH and other events at the community run cinema in nearby Hexham, the only permanent cinema in Tynedale.  The venue has 3D screening facilities but maintains its 'art decor' building atmosphere of a comfortable, traditional cinema. 

For the latest information and online booking

A further wonderful venture is the screenings held in The General Havelock Inn in Haydon Bridge as 'Food & Film' nights.  For details of their screenings and locations

Contact Joanna - 01434 684376 at The Havelock or check the Claiming Day events diary from above link


The John Martin Heritage Centre

John Martin (National Portrait Gallery)

The John Martin Heritage Festival started in March 2011 and ran throughout the year in two phases and into late 2012 to coincide with major exhibitions at the Laing and Tate Britain. Events included talks by Martin experts, guided walks by archaeologists, geologists and local guides, art, writing and photography workshops, storytelling for children and parents and the development of materials for the Martin Heritage

Centre in the village.

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