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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Genealogy Day

Thursday 26 May 2011 10.00am-4.00pm

Haydon Bridge Community Centre, Ratcliffe Road, Haydon Bridge

Experts Mildred Robson and Rosie Bowyer were joined by family tree novices for a day of information on investigating their own pedigrees and charting methods.

Mildred introduced the delegates to an amazing chart of the Martin family tree running from Fenwick Martin and Isabella Thompson, who were married in 1772, to descendants born as recently as 1993.  She gave a fascinating talk on the family's history, residences and her own experiences in collating this amazing and painstaking research over many years.

Rosie gave details of how to go about your own research and the pitfalls.  Anyone who might think this is an easy and casual task soon realised the detail and discipline such work entails.  The approach described would save hours of unproductive searching and recording.

A very comprehensive series of notes were provided with pointers to aids such as interviewing your own relatives, what to do if you don't have any, record office and Internet resources.

The ladies provided a comprehensive and excellently prepared introduction to this absorbing subject which was very much appreciated by those about to embark on their own histories.

Those who may require further assistance can join one of Rosie's more comprehensive series of classes later in the year in Hexham.

Some of the delegates

Some of the delegates

Course providers

Henry Swaddle, Mildred Robson & Rosie Bowyer, course providers

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