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Haydon Bridge Archive

The Haydon Bridge Archive project arose through interest from visitors and volunteers at The Bridge Community Library and Visitor Information Point. This is often the first port of call for former residents or descendants of Haydonians wishing to research their family tree or find out more about their origins.

The need to help with such enquiries led to a discussion about the possibility of collecting material to record a wider range of topics relating to the parish's past, and it was agreed to start building a collection of archive material of all types which could be held for reference at The Bridge as well as being made available online where appropriate. Since then an archive of photographs, documents and audio files has been steadily building, with more coming in all the time.

We are continuing to add to this collection which will all be available on this website as we progress. So far we have the school photos of villagers past and present which we currently have in our collection, plus the latest addition of sports photos, and our newest section, views in and around the village over the years:


Can You Help?

If you can help with any of the names not yet marked, or have any photographs of your own which we could scan for the archive, please either call in to The Bridge or contact us by clicking here: E-mail Haydon Bridge Archive

And don't forget to watch this space for more archives coming soon........

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