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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Photographic Workshop With David Taylor – Pictures For Your Wall

Saturday 29 October 2011 10am-2pm

In and Around Haydon Bridge – The Bridge Library, Church Street Haydon Bridge

Click Here to see the delegates images

This workshop aimed to help less experienced photographers learn new skills, be more creative, and see things in a more photographic way. The locations in and around the birthplace of Victorian artist John Martin provided some fine images for participants to put on their walls. David Taylor, guide for the day, took us through the controls on our camera and how to use them to express ourselves photographically. He offered advice on composition and exposure, aperture and speed priority, depth of field, ISO and White Balance settings, camera limitations and how to combine all these variables to create an attractive photograph.

The workshop was designed for the ordinary person who wished to develop their photographic skills, without special equipment.  Tripods, however, did prove useful in low light. The weather on the day was initially showery but was then followed by bright sunshine.  David was able to show how more advanced techniques using neutral density filters and circular polarised filters could compensate for this.  Autumn colours in St. Cuthbert's Church, the bridge and riverbank were nearby locations, which were known to the young Martin, providing inspiration for us and the day's images.

Below, David shows the use of graduated neutral density filters where there is a high dynamic range to compensate for.

David Taylor with Lee graduated neutral density filter

Thanks go to the 'Bridge' Library for use of their facilities and 'the best coffee for miles' they serve.

It is hoped to show images taken by the delegates later on this website's Photo Gallery.

This workshop has also proved so successful that it is hoped to further extend it in 2012.  Keep checking this website for details.

You can see David's own work by following the link Here

Admission was by ticket, £2.00.

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