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The John Martin Heritage Festival

Photographic Workshop With David Taylor – Spring Into Action

Saturday 19 May 2012 2pm-6pm

The Garden Station, Langley on TyneThe Garden Station by David Taylor

Following the workshop in Haydon Bridge in the festival's Series I events, this was a chance for less experienced photographers to learn more of the techniques and tricks of the trade to help them get more from their photography. Once again David Taylor was the guide and mentor for the day, who took participants through the photographic techniques he uses to capture the landscape and flora in a unique and creative way.

The venue this time was the Garden Station at Langley, whose setting offers lots of opportunities for photographic inspiration. Its woodland setting produced the best of the afternoon light and shade, as well as some wonderful fresh spring colours, and the lakeside provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the use of polarising filters and compensated metering.  The weather and light were much better than the previous day's Housesteads Roman Wall advanced workshop delegates encountered. 

The new owners of the Garden Station made everyone very welcome and the gardens are beginning to be sympathetically reinvigorated.

You can see some of the images taken and those from Housesteads by

You can see more of David Taylor's work Here.

The 'Garden Station' is Here

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