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Community Oil Group Information

Steve Ford has now handed over oil ordering responsibilities to 'Bridge' volunteer Ann Rooke.  The e-Mail address for contact remains as fuel@haydon-bridge.co.uk

A big well done Steve for all of your tireless work in providing this community service from its inception.


You will be aware that several Tynedale communities are now running successful oil buying groups and reducing the cost of domestic fuel oil by several pence per litre from this area's suppliers.

If you are interested in making such savings by joining a Haydon Bridge Development Trust organised group or require further information, please forward your contact details by e-mail to fuel@haydon-bridge.co.uk with an indication of your annual consumption if possible.  There is no obligation for you to become a member or make a purchase but this information will assist the organiser, but should you join, you will be invited to order oil 4 times a year.


Message from Ann Rooke

Dear members

A new year and there’s a new co-ordinator for the oil-buying group.  That’s me!  Many thanks to Steve for all his hard work over several years, it’s going to be a hard act to follow. Its run so successfully I’m sticking to the same formula of ordering.  Steve has promised to give me guidance and I hope everything will run smoothly.

I live locally at Chesterwood Park Cottage, Chesterwood and the best way to contact me is via the oil buying email fuel@haydon-bridge.co.uk   My husband, John, is in the library on a Wednesday afternoon if you want to leave a message with him.

New members are very welcome. For new members I will need name, address with postcode, telephone, email address and if there are any special instructions to access their oil tank. If you know someone who doesn’t have access to the internet, please email me and we can arrange to add them to our database

The next order is in February and final date for ordering will be: Tuesday 14th February at 11pm

So as a reminder and for the benefit of any new members this is how it works:


  • The minimum order is 500 litres

  • You will receive 3 emails before the closing date. This is the 2nd Tuesday of the month in February, May, August and November.  

  • I’ll send a ‘message received’ email to each member who places an order at the same time as I enter their details on the spreadsheet.  


  • You will then be notified of the supplier, the price and delivery dates. Problems with the delivery or payments should be directed to the supplier.

Please let me know any change in your contact details or change of delivery details and please encourage others to join. 

I hope that is clear. Any questions, any time - just ask Ann at fuel@haydon-bridge.co.uk

Haydon Bridge Oil Group update April 2017

Now that the dust (or oil!) has settled, after our February order and the May order is looming, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about issues that arose, especially around the deliveries.  I’ve now met with the other group administrators, who also experienced some difficulties and with your help, we’re working towards improving the process for the May order.
By the time the oil order went for pricing on Tuesday 14th February, many of you were worried about running out or had run out. It takes a few days for the co-op group coordinator to choose the supplier and by the Monday after when deliveries started, panic was setting in!   A quarter of the orders were flagged up as urgent in the first few days of the deliveries starting.
I will be sending out the first call on the 30th April for the 9th May deadline. Deliveries with the chosen supplier are likely to start on the 15th May and the worst scenario is that you should have your oil by the 26th May.  If you are genuinely running out or run out, I can put an urgent note on your order, before its sent to the supplier.  Unfortunately, even though you have urgent on your order, you may not have your delivery first, especially if the number of urgent orders is high and spread out over the county. The combined order is very large and realistically it can take up to 2 weeks to complete delivery. 
So, it will take a bit of ‘oil’ planning on your part and you may need to get in sync with the quarterly order. If however, the oil order has gone in, and you find you are running very low, you should contact the supplier directly to see if they can fit you into their planned delivery schedule.  Suppliers will be as helpful as they can but I’ve been advised that some suppliers are starting to charge £30 if you need oil urgently, be aware!
One other way to improve the delivery, is to order our oil more frequently - say every 2 months, instead of every quarter.  To do this, I would need someone else to help do the ordering ….   so if anyone wants to volunteer I’d be happy to discuss that option. 
For those of you who are living on the edge ! of the County that is, I’ve been advised that some of the suppliers will not deliver out of Northumberland. So you are welcome to place an order with the co-op but the chosen supplier (the cheapest) may not be able to deliver and you would have to make alternative arrangements. 
There were a few issues around contacting members for delivery.
If you need to be contacted, please supply a second mobile number. Also some of the address information I have is missing, so the new supplier couldn’t find some properties.  I will also be asking for confirmation of your full postal address.
If you know of anyone who doesn’t use email, I’m happy to contact them for their order.
Suppliers terms 
Suppliers give different credit terms; some give as long as 30 days and others as few as 7 days.  Please always check the invoice to make sure you don't end up paying more than you need to.  
Credit card companies levy a 2% surcharge on all suppliers and this is passed on to customers. There is no charge for using other payment methods, i.e. cheque, debit card, bank transfer or direct debit.
All issues with payments should be directed to the supplier.

Any questions, ideas or you’d like to volunteer to help, then please email me at:  fuel@haydon-bridge.co.uk .  

Ann Rooke



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