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Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Your Neighbourhood Plan (which you can see Here on this website) went to public Referendum on Thursday 30 June. The plan is crucial to the future of our community. See a copy of the Referendum Plan Here and all the supporting documents on the County Council’s website Here

Result update:- 346 vote yes and 45 no. The plan can now be adopted.  Thank you to all who voted.

Previous information is shown below:-


Haydon Parish voters are invited to take part in a referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan. This is to decide whether the policies put forward in the plan should inform the county council and National park Authority’s planning decisions in Haydon Parish.

The plan can only come into force if there is a majority in favour.

An article from the June Haydon News telling you more about the Referendum can be read Here.

Everyone on the parish electoral roll will soon receive polling cards. Voting takes place at local polling stations or by postal vote as in any local or national election. Further information on How to Vote can be read Here

The Referendum draft of the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at The Bridge Library on Church Street or online: www.haydon-bridge.co.uk or at www.northumberland.gov.uk/ourplan

This is your Neighbourhood Plan – please use your vote

For further discussion please contact Peter Fletcher: haydonneighbourhoodplan@hotmail.com or on: 07968 488521


Since 2019 Haydon Parish Council, through a steering group of parish councillors and local volunteers, has been working to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a document which is prepared and agreed by the local community. Neighbourhood Plans include planning policies to guide new development in the local area as well as community actions that relate to other non-planning matters.

Once the plan is adopted, its policies will be used by Northumberland County Council to assess planning applications for new development. The parish council will work with others to facilitate the delivery of the community actions.

The pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan was amended to take account of comments received following the August and September public consultation. The revised version – now called the submission draft Neighbourhood Plan - was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on 28 October.

The submission draft Neighbourhood Plan and all the supporting documents were submitted to Northumberland County Council on 8 November 2021. Northumberland County Council is satisfied that the submitted Plan complies with legal requirements and can therefore proceed to an Independent Examination.

The submission draft was open for public inspection and comments from 17 November till 12 January. All the comments were sent to the Independent Examiner who has been appointed on behalf of the government and who is independent of the County Council.

A copy of all the comments on the Submission Draft Plan and the Parish Council responses can be seen Here

The Independent Examiner has sent the Parish Council an additional set of questions to respond to. These questions and the Parish Council responses can be seen Here

The Independent Examiner’s report – see Here - recommended modifications to the plan and said that subject to the modifications the plan meets all the necessary legal requirements, including satisfying the Basic Conditions for a Neighbourhood Plan. His report recommended that the modified Plan proceed to Referendum and that this should be held within the Neighbourhood Area. The Referendum draft Neighbourhood Plan – see Here - prepared by Northumberland County Council reflects the modifications recommended by the Independent Examiner.

The Submission draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed on the County Council’s website at:
You then click on ‘Neighbourhood Planning in Northumberland’ and then click on the ‘Haydon’ parish link


The earlier pre-submission plan and supporting documents can be found BY CLICKING ON THE LINKS BELOW

The key documents are:

The Pre-Submission Draft Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Design Codes for the parish (annex 2 of the neighbourhood plan) are Here
Draft policies map

Draft Policies Village Map Inset

Evidence base and community feedback

The pre-submission draft plan was informed by the following evidence documents (grouped by neighbourhood plan objective). PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE DOCUMENTS WERE UPDATED FOLLOWING THE COMMUNITY CONSULTATION. FOR THE LATEST VERSIONS GO TO THE COUNTY COUNCIL NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN LINK FOR THE SUBMISSION PLAN – see details above

Our draft plan has been informed by the following evidence documents (grouped by neighbourhood plan objective).

Sustainability and climate change:

National Planning Practice Guidance on Flood Risk and New Development
Northumberland Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Water Cycle studies
Environment Agency Flood Map

Built and historic environment:
Design code (2020) Here
Haydon Bridge Conservation Character Appraisal (2009)
Haydon Parish and Village Design Statement (2008)

Natural environment:
Natural environment background paper (2021)

Local green space and protected open space background paper (2021)

Housing needs survey (2020)
Housing needs assessment (2020) and Summary report
Housing background paper (2021)

Vibrant and thriving community:
Audit of community facilities (2021)

Local economy:
Business survey report (2020)
Local economy background paper (2021)

Accessibility and transport:
Audit of public footpaths (2021)

Community feedback:
April 2019 community consultation event report
February 2020 community consultation event report
Household Survey 2020 report

Getting in touch
If you have any questions about the pre-submission plan, you can get in touch with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:
By email to: haydonneighbourhoodplan@hotmail.com

Paper copies
If you wish to see a paper copy of the draft Plan or any of the supporting documents please phone 07968 488521 or email us with your contact details (phone and email address) at haydonneighbourhoodplan@hotmail.com


Haydon Parish Council is the qualifying body for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for their civil parish area. The Parish Council has agreed to establish separate project management arrangements to facilitate the delivery of this plan-making function. The Parish Council has granted delegated authority in exercise of all relevant plan-making functions to the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group. The Steering Group sits as the Project Board for project management and decision making purposes and will lead the preparation of the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan. The Group will guide and agree the content of the Plan and all associated evidence and analysis up to Preferred Option Consultation Draft stage.

Terms of Reference for the Steering Group are Here


Legacy Haydon Parish Plan and Village Design Statement 2008 - 2018

During the period from March 2007 to March 2008 the Parish Council undertook a wide consultation with a good response from nearly 300 people who attended public meetings and events and 450 households completing questionnaires.

The residents of Haydon Parish think it is a great place to live. However, they have a key set of concerns which relate to its future sustainability after the by-pass, which was completed in the spring of 2009. These issues relate to the future economy, the physical environment, and the well-being of the communities that make-up the Parish.

From this was developed the Haydon Parish Plan and Village Design Statement.
(Copies of the Parish Plan and its accompanying Village Design Statement are available from the Parish Council and The Development Trust).
Follow this link to download the Haydon Parish Plan (2.1Mb)
Follow this link to download the Village Design Statement (4.9Mb)



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