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The Shaftoe Charities

The Shaftoe Charities were established in 1685 by the Reverend John Shaftoe. They comprise:

The Shaftoe Educational Foundation can help with grants for: 

  A student needing educational support
  Starting a trade or apprenticeship
  An individual group living or working in the Parish and having an education

  related initiative to take forward

The Almshouse Charity of John Shaftoe can assist if you are:
  Aged 60+ and need social housing

The Foundation provides grants to promote the education, including social and physical training, of residents or the children of residents of Haydon Parish.

The Almshouse Charity owns 9 almshouses in Shaftoe Terrace (near Shaftoe First School) – there are currently NO vacancies

For more information please visit the Shaftoe Charities website: www.shaftoecharities.org.uk


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