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Proposal for Cycle path from Haydon Bridge to Hexham

The project to construct the path originated from the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood plan (Here) , which gained approval in September 2022. During the public consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan it became clear that a multi-use path, principally for cyclists to use but also catering for walkers and horse riders was an issue of great concern for residents. The proposed path received 88% support.

The project will also align with Hexham's Neighbourhood Plan, which calls for improvements to our pedestrian and cycling network and the overall accessibility of the town (Here).

An outline route was surveyed by the community which demonstrated the real possibility to create a direct and traffic free route linking Hexham and Haydon Bridge. The proposed 4.5 miles route would utilise the long stretch of the redundant A69 where it travels eastwards from Haydon Bridge and also uses the Greenshaw plain bridleway. A new section of path (approximately 1.5 miles) would need to be constructed alongside the A69 connecting the two routes. The path would connect at Warden Bridge to the existing multi use path to Hexham. This existing path is the Sustrans NCN72. The proposed route has the support of Sustrans.
Currently we are applying for funding to National Highways for a feasibility study to determine how viable the route is and the practicalities and cost of constructing it.
The route is shown with photographs on the following interactive link:

Hexham Net Zero

The proposed route in .pdf format is:



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